Premium Carob Buttons

Naturally sweet with No Added Sugar, 100g packets, 1kg and 5kg bags

Ingredients: Low fat milk solids, Palm kernel oil (certified segregated sustainable), 25% Organic Carob powder, Emulsifier (soy lecithin, GMO free).

-No added sugar

-No added sweeteners

-No added colours or preservatives

-Caffeine free

-Gluten free

-Ideal for children and adults

-People who can't eat chocolate your dreams have come true

Nutritional information

 Avg Qty/10g serving               Avg Qty/100g

Energy          219.1kj                     2191kj
Protein              0.6g                           6g
Fat Total           3.3g                          33g
  -Saturated      3.2g                          32g
Carbohydrate   4.6g                           46g
Sugars              3.1g                          31g
Sodium        13.5mg                      135mg
Potassium    46.5mg                     465mg
Fibre                 0.6g                            6g